Mark Peck

Human Resources Manager, Emergency Reporting

I have worked in various aspects of the software industry for over 20 years. With experience in Support, Sales, Tech Writing, Compliance, Project Management, ScrumMastering, and HR; I’ve been involved in nearly all facets of a software organization and understand the unique needs of the different departments.

I didn’t pursue HR as a career until 2013 when the company I was working for eliminated the onsite HR team. This had a pretty significant impact and the local staff turned to me for help. I sort of forced my way into being the liaison between corporate HR and our development team of 120 people. This newfound purpose inspired me to go back to school and I completed the HR Management certification program at the University of Washington in 2014.

I’ve been with Emergency Reporting for nearly 4 years and am honored to be a part of its growth which went from 40 people when I joined to over 90 now.

Having been in so many different roles throughout my career, I understand the value of building a great culture and a great leadership team. I also understand that black and white rules don’t always work. Policies and guidelines are necessary, but in our ever-changing world, we should not be afraid to question the rules and work towards creative solutions.

I also served as a volleyball coach for 11 years. Those coaching skills were some of the greatest skills I developed to prepare me for HR. The same techniques for getting athletes to perform their best directly translates into the workplace. By building an inspired team and believing in the shared purpose, we can go a lot farther.

I graduated in Public Relations from Washington State University and have since received certifications in Technical Writing, Project Management, Scrum, and Human Resource Management.